England bowler Bresnan claims – I was threatened with death for not allowing Tendulkar to score 100th century

Sachin Tendulkar & Bresnan
Image by Dainik Bhaskar
  • Tim Bresnan dismissed Sachin Tendulkar for 91 in the fourth innings of the 2011 Oval Test.
  • He said after giving Sachin out, umpire Rod Tucker’s house used to get threatening letters.
  • Umpire Tucker had to be accompanied by a private security guard and the police stationed around his house

England fast bowler Tim Bresnan has revealed about the dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar. According to Bresnan, he and Australian umpire Rod Tucker were threatened with death when Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed in the 2011 Oval Test before the 100th Test.

Bresnan said that Sachin was playing for 91 in the fourth innings of the Oval Test. Then umpire Tucker called Sachin LBW out on his ball.

If Sachin would have not out, he would have completed a century: Bresnan

The English bowler said in a podcast of English county club Yorkshire, “The ball was going out of leg stump and Australian umpire Tucker dismissed Sachin. He was playing for 91 runs and would have certainly completed a century. We won that series against India and became the number one team in the world. ”

‘I got a death threat on Twitter’

He said, “It was only after this incident that both of us (Bresnan and Tucker) started getting threatened with death. I received threats on Twitter and umpire Tucker received threatening letters at his home address. Threatened to kill, he wrote that how did you give him (Sachin) out? The ball was going off the leg side. ”

Umpire Tucker had to take personal security personnel with him

According to Bresnan, nervous by these threats, Tucker had to increase his security. He said, “After a few months he met me and started saying that friend, I had to keep security personnel. Police were stationed around his house in Australia. ”

Sachin scored 100th century in 2012 Asia Cup

Tendulkar completed his 99th international century against South Africa in the 2011 World Cup league match. However, he had to wait another year to score the 100th century. In the 2012 Asia Cup, he completed this century by playing a century against Bangladesh. He had then scored 114 runs.

Sachin is the only batsman to score 100 international centuries. He scored 15921 Tests and 18426 runs in ODIs. He has 51 Tests and 49 centuries in ODIs.


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