Sushant Singh suicide case: Police interrogates Rhea Chakraborty, actress made many revelations

On Thursday, the Mumbai Police questioned Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for about 10 hours.

Sushant & Rhea
Image Source: ABP Live

In the suicide case of Sushant Singh Rajput, Mumbai Police is continuously investigating, and in this case, the police have so far recorded the statements of a total of 12 people. On Thursday, the Mumbai Police questioned Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for about 10 hours.

Rhea told the police that Sushant had asked to leave the Yash Raj film when he was not in a relationship about a year ago. Rhea told the police – ‘Sushant told me that you leave the Yash Raj Film, I am also leaving. When I asked Sushant why he was doing this, Sushant did not say much and just asked him to leave Yash Raj. But Rhea did not do so because she did not have any experience regarding such things.

Rhea told about Sushant and his relationship that Sushant was filming for Yash Raj’s ‘SHUDH DESI ROMANCE’ and I was shooting for Yash Raj’s ‘MERE DAD KI MARUTI’. That’s when we met for the first time, then we started meeting at industry parties and we became friends. Then in the year 2019, Sushant proposed to me. Sushant said to me, ‘I cannot say indirectly to you, that’s why I am telling you directly. I like you I want to make you my girlfriend.’ Riya also loved Sushant and the relationship started between the two.

Rhea told the police that after completing the ‘Dil Bechara’ film in September 2019, Sushant started getting signs of depression. In the beginning, Sushant started ignoring it but slowly the trouble started increasing. According to Rhea, she took Sushant to the doctor and started Sushant’s treatment. According to Rhea, Sushant was not taking medicines properly.

Rhea took care of her by staying with Sushant. But one day Sushant asked Rhea to leave from here for a few days. Sushant told that he wants to be alone for a few days. After Sushant’s continuous saying Rhea left the house.

Rhea told that both of them were going to do a film under the direction of Rumi Jaffery which Vasu Bhagnani was going to produce. The film was scheduled to go on floors in February, then shooting was to begin in May but could not be done due to the lockdown. Sushant was very excited about his future projects and was working on it. Rhea was also helping him with his project.

Police have received information that Yash Raj had offered ‘AURANGAZEB’ film to Sushant in the film but Sushant refused to do that film. The film was again given to Arjun Kapoor. Yash Raj later signed Sushant for the ‘SHUDH DESI ROMANCE’ film. The police are ascertaining whether Yash Raj was unhappy with Sushant for not signing the film ‘AURANGAZEB’.

At the same time, Sushant’s manager Shruti Modi gave important information about a project between Karan Johar and Sushant. According to Shruti, Sushant worked in Dharma Production’s film ‘DRIVE’. Sushant did not give a date for the dubbing of that film. When Shruti spoke to Sushant on this, Sushant told that I had given a date three times for dubbing but he did nothing. Police is taking information about whether there was any rift in Sushant and Karan Johar’s Dharma production regarding this film.


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