Twitter will soon bring new blue tick verification, change the settings and send request

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Image by Dainik Jagran

Twitter is working on a new Request Verification system, which will give a blue checkmark to the required and limited public figure. Once this feature is released, users will be able to go to their settings and request for a blue checkmark. For this, users will have to send a request by going to the account of a profile setting and then going to the Personal Information section.

Twitter’s reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong shared this information on Twitter by sharing a new screenshot. He said that Twitter is working on Request Verification. Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour confirmed this time. Replying to Wong’s tweet, he said that we are working on self-service identification. But currently, no information has been disclosed by Twitter about this new verification feature and it is not yet known how long this new feature will be available for the use of common people. Also, what will be the guidelines for its use. No information has been received about this either.

Twitter implemented the blue verification feature with the intention of account authentication of public figure people so that no one can misuse the name of public figures. However, in 2017, Twitter stopped the process of accepting new verification. Also, at present, the company was not accepting any new verification.

The company said in a tweet that initially verification meant authenticating the identity and voice of the person concerned. But later it was used as an endorsement. In this way, a kind of confusion arose. The company said that there was a need to solve this problem. Because of this, we have stopped all common verification. We are currently working on it and will inform you about it soon. According to the report of Techcrunch, the use of public documents in the new verification system will now allow account verification. This will bring transparency to Twitter as well as help to know the reason for the account verification of Twitter users.


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